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Armagetron Advanced :: a Tron clone in 3D

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Ladda ner spel från Big Fish Games gratis. Alla spelhämtningar är 100% trygga och säkra. Ingen reklam, ingen annonsprogramvara och inga spionprogram.
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Armagetron Advanced :: a Tron clone in 3D

The first competitors are making their entrance: the regular Prince Charming and his dear Princess Abraca, Hansel and Gretel the two enormous kids and several colorful creatures are waiting to jump into the battle.
And there are even more champions to his roster: a half-naked Don Quichotte rides a masochist BBW Big Please click for source Wolf followed by the sadistic Red Hood.
Turn up the heat, because the Snow Queen coming from the north and she's bringing a big furry beast with her!
But dreams of friendly jousts between high-born nobles will collapse when faced withthe reality of extreme fights against monsters and falling endlessly into traps and pits everywhere!
Loyalty, bravery, honour - forget them all!
Their fiercest opponents will be each other, for only the most cunning competitors can win this free-for-all dungeon race!
FOR GAMERS: Easy and fun to play, hard to master.
Competitive free-for-all furious gameplay, where three of you monsters can face against one prince, or stand in the princesses' slippers in a ready-to-rumble mode.
All of this will grant you ample opportunities to laugh and boo your couch-neighbour!
As one of the 5 princes each with their unique powersyou must complete each stage as fast as possible, while your 3 monster opponents activate traps and defenses to slow you down and make you fall.
You can also play a princess, fighting against 3 of your "best friends" in an arena all game free download all game free download: give a life bonus to your prince for the next stage.
The power of love.
Be careful, ABRACA is a controller-exclusive game, you will need 1 controller per player.
Make sure you own such devices before you purchase the game.
The game can only be played in offline local multiplayer mode of up to 4 players.
Steam account required for game activation and installation Notice: ABRACA is a controller-exclusive game, you will need 1 controller per player.
PC System Requirements MINIMUM: OS: Windows Vista or 7 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo Memory: 3 GB RAM Graphics: SM3 512MB VRAM DirectX: Version 9.
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Så fungerar det Så här enkelt är det att köpa digitala spel på CDON.
Nedan följer en guide om hur det går till: 1.
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En del spel kräver produktnyckel före nedladdning.
Installationen startar så fort nedladdningen är färdig.
Enstaka spel laddas ner via externa tjänster, ex.
Steam, Xbox Live click Origin Store.
Tidpunkt för release står alltid i faktarutan på produktsidan.

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